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When you submit your track to our spotify playlist, it will be reviewed for quality content and genre placement. If accepted, your track will be added to our playlist. All you need to do to stay on the playlist is to stream the playlist.


We require you to stream our playlist for at least 5 hours a week. We keep track using a point system. FOLLOW & LIKE

If you are on the playlist, you must follow all artists on the playlist and like all songs. You must submit proof at least once posted in follow-proof.

You may use this site to follow all artists: https://www.nativenoise.co.za/spotify/follow-all-artists/

Every full hour of playlist playtime earns 1 point. Verify playtime using the following link:

Stats For Spotify: https://www.statsforspotify.com/

You will need to screenshot every hour of playtime and send it to playlist-streams.

We will calculate and credit points every week. If you do not have a minimum of 5 points per week, you will be removed from our playlist.

However if you make 10 points per week you can add another song to our playlist.

If your track was not accepted by our curators for our playlist, don't give up. Try again with a different track.

Some reasons why your track may have been rejected:

1. It did not fit the genre.
2. You may have submitted your track too may times.
4. You may have already had one or more tracks accepted.
5. Your track did not meet the standard of quality set by the curators.
6. Your track was not appropriate for our audience.
7. You may be on probation.
8. You may have tried to cheat our system.
9. Your track might be too long.
10. Our curators are still reviewing your track.

If you need to take a break from streaming we understand, people can get busy and just need a few days without distractions. If you need to take a break please let an administrator know directly and before you take your break. We will allow you up to one week (7 full days) of no requirements.

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We are networking with other record labels to give our artists a bigger audience.

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We believe in quality over quantity when it comes to our member count.

Organic spotify plays

We have a community based system that guarantees steady and organic Spotify plays from other artists, this also helps with exposure and collaboration opportunities.

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